Up North Visit

It’s been only a few days since I’ve been in Petoskey, but I’m starting to get a little antzy with all of this free time on my hands! A girl can only practice so many hours in a day – I feel like I should be doing something, but there’s nothing to do but clean, play some flute, write some long blog posts :P, and wait for my new license plate to come in the mail, and after that I can pack up and be on my merry way! Actually, I also help my parents with the house, as in the case of our dryer today. We figured out that it wouldn’t turn on because the venting system was clogged with lint, so my parents bought a replacement, and I installed it! The original dryer vent was up there for years and was too long and brown taped together and we realized was kinda falling apart, so it only made sense to get a new one : here’s a picture of the old one!


Also, I have a new car!!! Not new, exactly… it’s a used, 2001 Pontiac Montana, and it’s in really great shape, very clean (it’s only had one owner, an old couple who used the car to tote their grandchildren around town every once in awhile), and runs smoothly. So much quieter than my old car that I can’t tell yet how fast I’m going, so I’m constantly going 5-10 miles under the speed limit, just to be on the safe side. So if you’re driving around Petoskey and get stuck behind a red Pontiac Montana driving so slowly that it drives you crazy… it’s probably me! Plus, this minivan is about 3x the size of my tiny Pontiac LeMans, and I feel so small inside of it, which will take some getting used to! I think a couple more days driving it, and I’ll be fine.

After a couple days of cleaning out things in my room in my parents house, I realized that musicians must keep far more material from college than, say, a business major (i.e. my sister!). I have at least two very large tubs full of paper – one full of flute music, and one full of all of my techniques classes from learning all of the band/orchestra instruments. Then, I have a legal box full of teaching materials/resume/portfolio stuff, and a legal box full of wedding business materials. I was thinking, what if I scanned ALL of my flute music, including the piano parts, plus all of my music tech notes and such, and just kept it all in digital form… then I could throw away all of the paper materials & sell my flute music? It’s just so much to move out. I suppose it would be a good way to save space. But then again, would it be more practical to keep a paper file of everything? Because I wouldn’t have to waste paper for printing, and it’s also easy for pianists to have their parts in the bound, booklet form? I wonder if any classical musicians have gone digital in this sense. Hmm.