Finally Getting Settled In

FINALLY! I’m all moved into my new apartment in Ypsilanti, and it is so refreshing to be independent yet once again! I love my family but, one summer is starting to feel like forever! I think I’m ready to be living independently for a while now. Other than moving in, however, I still have a lot of things that I’d like to do to decorate the place – I’m tired of moving into an apartment and just living off of the basics! Besides, I have the means to be able to decorate a little bit, and with a studio apartment that has the same layout as Carrie Bradshaw’s place in Sex and the City, it’s hard to resist making it fabulous! Hopefully I’ll find some artwork that will suit the place soon. Pics below:

This one’s actually the geese right outside my patio! They’re there every afternoon.


My bedroom, and part of my walk-through closet (goes right to the bathroom!):


My office area:


and the living room:


Anyway, I also had my interview with Macy’s and was hired, which is more good news! If you’re ever in Ann Arbor, stop by Macy’s at Briarwood Mall, and look for me at the jewelry counter. I’ll be the one handling the bling 😉 Buy your mom some jewelry!

Well, there are a couple of groups that I’d like to play with, but they all require an audition, including the Ann Arbor Concert Band. I’m not sure what to play! I’m thinking something standard for flute, such as a piece from the popular selection from Flute Music of French Composers. I just performed the Andante et Scherzo by Louis Ganne, so that would be a good choice. Then for something slower, I could do Syrinx by Debussy. Unfortunately, I still have some things to square away with my substitute teaching papers/requirements for the AA school district, but I should have everything taken care of by the end of next week. I start subbing in January, and I’m nervous about going through all of the same subbing issues again this year, but I’m still eager and happy to do it too. And most importantly, there are far more performing opportunities in Ann Arbor and I plan on taking advantage of those while I’m here. Here’s also hoping that the Midland Symphony calls me to sub again this season. I’m crossing my fingers for the future 🙂