The long & winding road, and lively Christmas tunes

It’s December! I officially am starting up the Christmas music… hello again, Bing, Frank, and… yes… Mannheim Steamroller’s Carol of the Bells being played 20 times a day on the radio.

So I finally have all of my papers filled out for my motor vehicle no-fault insurance application for benefits, from when I hit a deer back in October (they give you a full year to fill everything out!). All I need now is the license plate #s of all of my family’s cars, and I’m ready to mail it! I’m just glad to be able to put this all behind me now. I still don’t know why this happened to me… I was under the speed limit, had my seat belt on as always, did exactly what you’re supposed to when you hit one… and there’s still all of these papers and complicated measures to take. I’m not sure what message God was sending me with it (except for maybe I needed a newer car), but I’m happy to be almost done with it all. Soon, I’ll be getting the license plate for my new car in the mail, and I can once again drive myself to work! It may not be cool-looking, but some things it has that my old car didn’t: working lights in the dashboard, room to carry small furniture items, a CD player, and most importantly… cupholders! No rust, either:


Not a day goes by when I wonder to myself, where am I going with my life, am I going in the right direction? Maybe small breaks along the path have lessons to learn. Maybe it’s a sign for me to slow down and take a breath, before getting back on the road. Maybe I think too much. When I’ve got it written down on paper, it still makes no sense… but for me, writing helps me to get all of those thoughts out of my head and look at any situation realistically. It may not be for everybody, but writing is definitely for me.

I hope my license plate gets here tomorrow.

On a lighter note, I spent the evening with by brother Lee, and my friend Alice, and as the night progressed, Alice sang with more and more intensity, versions of popular Christmas songs by South Park. It was ridiculous, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Eventually, Alice pulled it up from her itunes and we listened to what sounded like the entire soundtrack for that particular episode(?), and I heard a couple more renditions of holiday tunes, plus some new ones related to South Park characters. Interesting! My favorite is O Holy Night. I love the ending to that one.