Flutist, or Flautist?

I get asked this very often, especially pre- and post-wedding ceremonies. Do you say flutist, or flautist?

Honestly, I don’t care, either one works for me. But if you want a detailed response about the difference between the two, read this article by Fenwick Smith, who sites the many words to describe one who plays the flute as our need for the “persistent association of flute-playing with things frivolous or ostentatious.” It’s quite informative, actually. He was a member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra for almost three decades, and is a fabulous…. flute player.

Yesterday, I received word from the Ypsilanti Community Band about joining their group, and that their next rehearsal was that night. Excited by their response to my recent contact with them, I drove 20 minutes out of town to go the rehearsal, and met some very lovely people. Most in their 40s and 50s, while the top 3 flutists were probably somewhere in their late 20s-early 30s. We sight read through some great music, which also made me realize how awful I am at sight reading and need to start practicing this again! We also ran through a very fun medley arrangement of music from South Pacific. I admit, I’m not well-versed in musicals or Broadway, but I knew a lot of these songs from the many choir classes I’ve taken over the years, which prompted me to start looking for this movie. Anyway, once the rehearsal was over, we all found out that the weather had gotten so icy outside, that there were already dozens of car accidents on the highway… which, I still had to get back on to get back home! I took a deep breath, got into my car, and slowly made my way out to the US-23 S exit. But as soon as I got there, I had to stop. There I was (along with three other cars), at a standstill on the US-23 S exit, because there had been a massive car accident right at the end of it! I counted at least 5 emergency vehicles, and one of them was a fire truck. All lanes of traffic were closed off, but about 10 minutes later, the roads were cleared. Needless to say, nobody drove faster than 30mph after that! I counted about four more cars in the ditch before I got home.

There’s no more ice, but now there’s a 2-in. layer of snow on the ground. I noticed a car in the parking lot right outside my window driving in circles. Either he was crazy, or he was practicing his driving skills in the snow, as he kept sliding out and then regaining control. I should probably practice that sometime soon.

Pictures to come…