My Search for George Fraser

I am no composer… however, I enjoy my fair share of arranging, and have had several different projects left on the back burner for quite some time. I finally brought one out of retirement today, and started analyzing chords in order to create a part for guitar. The piece, you ask?


Mackinac, by George Fraser, 1943 (words by John Morrison, 1943). A beautiful folk-like melody, and hauntingly beautiful words… but with a mysterious past. Actually, for me at this point, a non-existent one! The last time that I tried searching for George Fraser, I came up empty handed. But today, I had a little bit of luck…


Mackinac is a song written for soprano and Chorus (S.A.T.B), with a copyright by The Oxford Group, music made in England, Co. address in the US. Combining “George Fraser composer” and “Oxford Group” in an engine search led me to an article about The Oxford Group, The British Buchmanites, and their involvement (or lack thereof) in World War II. It listed names from this group, shown below (name highlighted in yellow):


I thought, there are probably hundreds of George Frasers out there, could this be the one I’m looking for? But as soon as the thought filled my head, I had scolled down to this picture of the Buchmanites, here:



Well hello there, Fort Mackinac! This HAD to be the George Fraser I was looking for. I had to keep digging and searching, in hopes to find more information on the composer, his life, and why he would write a song about Mackinac Island…