Audio, Video, & auditions

I’ve been focusing a lot more on this upcoming audition I have, and I feel pretty ready for it (it happens next week). I just have to fine tune everything and I think I’ll be set! And with all this prepared music that I have, I’ve been wanting to video tape some of it, or at least record it, hopefully to put up on youtube or a similar website – mainly just to be heard and to get some feedback – and I’ve been playing around with my options in terms of video taping and how to get the best sound, and best shot of me. Some things I’ve found useful:

1. Use some reverb, but too much of it makes your sound muddy. The right amount for you can be done with the right setting, whether it be inside a church, basement, or a large enough practice room.

2. Also, find the right distance from your instrument to your recording device. Too close and the sound is distorted… too far and it’s obviously a strain to hear your playing.

3. You want to look good in the camera – but you want to also get the best sound. Play around with your best angles, but don’t be so artistic that the best looking shot over shadows the best sounding angle.

I’m still messing around with these options, but I’m getting pretty close! I think I’ll be recording my audition pieces, along with some standard music from my wedding book, mainly popular folk tunes, plus Mackinac, if I can make it sound good with just solo flute!