Random Thoughts!

Random thoughts for the night…

– I love working out at night

– I forgot that at this time of year closing the fudge shops isn’t my favorite thing to do because the main store is surrounded by flying bats :

– I realized that the hardest thing about this coming Saturday’s wedding is getting there! All the way up at Stonecliffe… not sure yet whether to take a taxi or just bike my butt up

– Should I be concerned that my cat always leaves the room when I start playing my flute? But when I hum really low and whistle at the same time, his ears move back and he stares at me. If I play my flute and sing into it at the same time, will he stay in the room then?

– Didn’t realize BassHunter was really that popular… most of my brother’s music I would have never heard of unless he played it for me!

– I cherish the moments when my dad is holding the cat in his arms and is singing “Rockabye baby” to him

The concert this past Sunday was great, and also well attended. Thank goodness for the hot, sunny weather! The only downside about it was that the humidity almost made it hard to play. My fingers were sweating (ew, I know), so my technique got a little messy in the last movement of the last piece, but I stuck through it. It will probably take me a couple more days before I get the video of the music edited, but I can’t wait to get it all up on YouTube.

So wedding on Saturday, rehearsal Saturday and Sunday, day off Sunday, concert Wednesday, then a week off before the next group of weddings! Boy, I thought July went by quickly, but August looks like it might go by faster…