Wedding in the Forest

Had breakfast for dinner…. yum 🙂


So I played a wedding today. It was fun. It was at Stonecliffe in the Grotto, and although I’ve been there to visit, I’ve never been there to play. Some things that I noticed about it…


1. It’s the perfect place to play because it is surrounded by a thick layer of trees, which means no wind.


2. . It’s the worst place to play because it is so damp and enclosed that after leaving my bag on the ground for 10 minutes, it was already covered with tiny little spiders… NOT cool.


3. It’s the perfect place to get married because it is so romantic and intimate, and that’s how I think a wedding should be!


The bagpiper did an amazing job, and I felt I did an equally great job at keeping up with his level (or maybe I mean volume!) of playing. I was also happy to find out that I was playing Ave Maria as a solo piece, instead of background music for a unity candle lighting, as the case usually is. So it was a really nice ceremony overall, and I was really happy with the outcome!


What’s next on the agenda? Mackinac Music Festival concert this Wednesday, then a break until August 29, which is my next wedding. Can’t wait to play flute & guitar at the festival!!