Now What!?

It’s almost the end of August – and as it usually is every year, you think August won’t go by as quickly as July did, but it still does!

I had a lot going on this month, however, and I was fully prepared for all of it! So far: two weddings, and two concerts. All spread out evenly, of course. That made the month feel like things were moving non-stop, and I felt really alive moving from music project to music project. The weddings went really well, and both concerts were well attended and well received! I was so excited to be a part of it all. And today, I went by the Lilac Tree Hotel and they just happened to still have a Mackinac Music Festival poster still up in their window… and the front desk person let me take it! I’m so happy 🙂

I also uploaded several videos of both concerts on my YouTube page, which you should watch if you should feel so compelled:

Work has been going pretty well too. In fact, right after the music festival we had the Fudge Festival. I really wish the city would offer more programs during the Fudge Festival because there pretty much is nothing of any interest to it, except for the “Daddy, I want the Golden Ticket!” extravaganza on Saturday. I was so excited because it was my FIRST time finally to be present during this event, and it was so great! We not only sold all 45 of our “Golden Ticket” fudge boxes (@ $13.95 a pop too!), but the winner bought the last 8 boxes!! She was a woman who had a family of herself, her husband, and three kids, and I think it’s the families that really deserve a break like that, so I’m glad that she won it.

So the majority of exciting events has finished for the season… now what!? Well, there’s still a couple more things. I have a high-profile wedding to play for this Saturday, my day off on Sunday :), and after the wedding, I have to figure out how to get my flute to The Flute Specialist in one piece : ….. !!!! Well I did it once, I can figure out how to do it again!