Fudge & Flute… too much to toot?

I know, it’s a silly title.

This past week has been really hard on me. I’ve been practicing every day, and that has really put my playing into perspective. When all you’ve done for the past two years is basically play wedding music, you kinda lose your edge… meaning my technique is shot to sh**. I’m not saying that this can’t be fixed though! I just realized that I’ve really carved a niche out for myself in one part of the world of music. Although I am looking forward to my audition on Saturday, I am also somewhat certain that my life is not going to involve playing in any large ensembles, and if I don’t get the seat, I’m absolutely okay with that! Just like some people enjoy being a substitute teacher & have not much interest in having their own classroom, I, for some reason as well, really enjoy being a substitute flutist, and would be happily content filling in the for the rest of my life! I don’t know why… maybe it’s the excitement of being asked to sit in, the excitement of ‘spur-of-the-moment’ jobs, and of having something new happen all the time. Or maybe I’m just easily distracted. But I like distractions, so it’s okay!

I’m just hoping that I build up enough strength by the time I leave for downstate. I’ve been making fudge all week long, and it’s tiring! And I know it’s tiring, and I’ve mentally prepared myself beforehand as much as I could. But I don’t think there was much that I could do to physically prepare myself for doing it! I made it to about Friday, and that’s when I started missing Ray (who I’m filling in for as he’s down south for his brother’s wedding in Alabama). I can’t WAIT for him to be back tomorrow!!!

I think the rest of this week will be really quiet and easy. All I have to do is focus on running through the orchestral excerpts everyday, and I should be all set to go. And I also can’t wait to get off the island for two straight days either, in fact, I’m kinda excited about it! I’ll get to be in my car all day long, go to TARGET, maybe even eat at a fast food joint….! Who knows!? The possibilities are endless…