It’s All Winding Down…

Well, the season is finally starting to wind down. Many people have left the island, and pretty much all of my friends aren’t interested in going out anymore… it’s just boring! Plus, it’s getting colder, and I don’t think anyone really wants to go out in the cold. So lately, what I’ve been doing is catching up on True Blood & Ghost Hunters, and working on my Halloween costume 🙂 I’m going to be Tinkerbell! It’s going to look so silly, but people will definitely know what my costume is this year!!

As for the flute audition? It was a really cool experience. I drove down the day before and stayed in a hotel. The first time on my own, by the way! And it was great! I spent some time at Target, and spent the rest of the night in my hotel room, looking over my music, and trying to stay healthy (I had come down with an awful cold a couple days before, which ended up giving me a really nasty throat ulcer). I wasn’t sure how the audition was going to go being in such pain, but I knew that a little sore throat hadn’t stopped me from playing in the past… and I wasn’t going to let it stop me now! So I dealt with the pain and went. Anyway, the next morning, I played some long tones, left for Midland, and played my audition. All in all I did my best, and I’m really proud of that. I didn’t win, but I had a couple of chips stacked against me, so it wasn’t a big surprise. But I got to stay on the substitute flute list, which is the next best thing!

The other thing I enjoyed the most was meeting all of the flute players. It’s nice being able to hear other flutists’ stories, hear about their backgrounds in education and their experiences playing. It makes me feel like I really belong in that green room having that conversation with them. I wish I had more like-minded musicians around my age & experience level around me (although I’m happy to have musicians around me who are above & beyond my level and also are extremely talented and smart!). Anyway, it was a lot of fun, even while being sick, and I’d definitely consider doing another audition. Maybe for an orchestra, maybe for a pit orchestra or musician for a musical, etc… we’ll see what’s out there!

Since island life is starting to wind down now, I’ve decided to give myself one last ‘hurrah’ before I wind down with it… so on my day off this Thursday, I’m going to go to Historic Mill Creek in Mackinaw City and ride the zip line. I’m scared just thinking about it! But I’m gonna do it… it’s time to face my fears!!!