New World

I’ve noticed a lot of great natural wonders while living here during the winter. I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal to the year-round locals, but for anyone experiencing their first winter on Mackinac Island, it’s pretty amazing.

For instance, when there’s even the slightest bit of snowfall, that usually means that the sky is full of clouds… which means that you can barely see out in the lake, which is a crazy sight AND feeling! I basically feel like I am in two situations. 1) I feel like I’m inside of a snowglobe, and 2) when you look out onto the frozen lake nearest to the shorline, and all you can see are large cracks that fade away as you look further out, it makes me think of every foggy scene in that Stephen King movie, “The Mist.” Some part of me wonders if a sci-fi creature will reach out of that snowy mist and eat me alive.

The other thing that I find amazing is the silence. Every single time I walk downtown, the silence is there. It’s not deafening, or frightening…. it’s peaceful, calm, relaxing. I made a vow to myself that I would walk downtown at least once every day or night, so that I could marvel in the silence downtown. My biggest fear is that once summer comes and the tourists fill the streets with their noise, that I’ll miss the silence too much and feel that everyone is ruining that moment. Which is exactly why I will be walking through town very often. Enjoy the quiet while it lasts.