Wine Party

Some things have been happening that I haven’t updated on in awhile, so I’m going to try to update tonight – but you’ll probably see it in more than one post. Anyway, a couple weeks ago I was invited to a wine tasting party up past Stonecliffe. Since I didn’t have a snowmobile, the hostess graciously came down and picked me up. The ride was more than spectacular, especially riding past a darkened and empty Grand Hotel, with nothing but the light on her snowmobile shining upon it. It reminded me of the homes that Ghost Hunters on tv would approach at night, and made me want to sneak into the hotel and see if I could catch any of it’s apparitions in sight.

Back to the party – we finally arrived aftere a long ride of what seemed like many sharp twists and turns, even though I had ridden that path many times on my bike in the summer. In total, there were 13 bottles of Merlot, and those who were very serious about it filled out a form that allowed you to “grade” the wine by different categories. I’d tell you the categories but quite frankly, I can’t remember any of them. I just filled out the category that said, “taste,” and found that I like wines that are sweeter. According to some of the wine connosiers in the room, that’s normal for a novice wine taster to prefer – as time goes on, I will eventually prefer darker wines. Oh, I also learned that light wines go well with light food, like fish or salads… while dark wines go well with darker food, like steaks. I always wondered how people knew what wine went well with which food, and that explanation made it sound so much less complicated than I thought!

When the party was over, I hitched a ride with someone who was going back downtown. I think the ride down was way more fun that the ride up – not necessarily because we were going downhill, but I think because my driver this time was going fast! It was pretty awesome, to say the least. We reached the school (which meant my house was close), and a snowmobile drove towards our road from the side, seemingly out of nowhere. For a second, I felt as though I were in some sort of U.P. winter version of “Tron,” and thought about how much fun it would be to just go out for a ride in the middle of the night.

All in all, I really enjoyed myself at my first wine tasting party. I got to learn a little bit about wine, conversed with some great people, and not only did I enjoy myself while there, but I enjoyed getting there too! I may have to set up a wine tasting at my own house one of these days…