This past Wednesday, I celebrated my birthday for the first time on the island (well, first time as an adult), and although I did not fulfill my long-time island birthday wish of hooking up an inner tube to the back of a snowmobile and taking a ride around the island on it, I still had a pretty good time.

My high school students surprised me in class by singing to me, which I thought was very thoughtful. And then the teachers sang to me after school, during our staff meeting, which was embarrassing… but also thoughtful 🙂 And even though I didn’t have a party or any fancy plans, it still was a pretty good day.

Being 27 now makes me realize how far away I really am from those “partying” days, and I can only think of my life moving upward from here. No more wasting time and not caring about what tomorrow brings… and I certainly couldn’t be considered the “baby” of the family anymore! I might even say that I wouldn’t mind looking a tiny bit older than what I really am….!? Anyway, I think that this year has become my year to take a bigger step towards creating a life for myself. I no longer say, “hopefully I’ll figure it all out,” but rather, “This year, I will make things happen.”