It’s been an interesting couple of weeks… the weather doesn’t seem to know what it wants to do, or, if it does, it’s playing a pretty mean trick on all of us islanders. I decided to make the mistake of waiting until my birthday (Feb. 16) to ask someone for a ride over the ice bridge. Considering that I don’t yet own a snowmobile myself but that most of my coworkers do, and regularly take the ice bridge for shopping or other things, I figured the week of my birthday would be a great time to do it. Unfortunately, the weather got warmer and windier and as soon as my birthday passed the ice bridge broke.

Now that it’s March, the weather has decided to cool down again, with tons of snow gracing our island once again this weekend. But I’m pretty sure the ice bridge is finished for the season. I don’t know, maybe it will come back once more, but I think I will just have to wait until next year.

I also noticed that March is a good time for…. well, nothing. Not that I don’t look forward to St. Patrick’s Day, or the fact that it’s National Music in Our Schools Month, but, there is just something missing. March, to me, is that in-between moment between winter and spring where the days of warm weather are oh so close, but yet so far…. I have a feeling that March will be a long month, which means that I will just have to plan out my days a little bit better. It’s been a pretty fast season so, we’ll see how these next few weeks pan out.