My Winter Trek to Sunset Rock

This weekend my mom came to visit, and we had a good ol’ time just hanging out and relaxing. She arrived Friday night, with apparently what was a heavy load of groceries (I was still at work), and the next morning I decided to take a walk while she “mom”-ified the cottage. I ended up finding myself up at Sunset Rock – a great 2-hr walk of a workout, considering all the snow on the ground! The whole time going up, I was thinking that since exercise trackers have “walking” and “running” listed as exercises, they should also add “trudging,” because I did a whole lot of that in the snow and I’m pretty sure I burned a ton of calories!

Anyway, back to Sunset Rock… it was my first time up there when the lake was frozen, so I was pretty excited. I got a little bit of a surprise, however, when I saw more than just snow:



The view was amazing, and absolutely worth the hike.



Later that day, a memorial was held for Bobby Roach, who had gone missing earlier this year back in February. As Fr. Jim had put it at mass this morning… there are people who normally would light a candle and say a prayer, but here on Mackinac Island, we light a piano on fire, put our prayers in a bottle and send them out in the water…


(before the flames)



The fire trucks lined up and took a memorial lap around the island, and were followed by anyone who wanted to follow behind them. Then once back in town, Fr. Jim and Chief Bradley said some words, and the bonfire was put out at around 11pm. I did not stick around for most of the evening’s activities… nor the afternoon activities either for that matter… but I did manage to make it to the beginning of the memorial lap.

Then today rolled around, and I spent my normal Sunday mornings at church, then bid farewell to my mom as she left to catch the 3pm plane. Apparently, my dad didn’t turn his clocks forward and my mom had to wait in St. Ignace for an hour for him to get there, ha! Anyway, it was a very eventful weekend… and I’m sure NEXT weekend will have even more in store for all of us! I’m all ready for it… bought my St. Patty’s Day raffle ticket this morning, so here’s hoping I win!