Although the lake is open enough now for boats to go through on a fairly regular basis, I am still finding myself fascinated by every single one that sails by…


The Sacre Bleu from Shepler’s Ferry. Caught this picture on my way in to work yesterday… at first it didn’t even seem like it was moving! Even the small boats have sounded loud going through the ice or you could hear it humming miles away, but for some reason I didn’t hear a thing. It must be a really smooth ride!!



Now this was the best shot I could get at night of this freighter passing by. I’m usually soothed by the low rumble that they often make, but earlier today I was thinking about that movie Event Horizon….. and all of a sudden the rumbling did nothing but freak me out and kept me awake. So, I figured since I was up I might as well try to get a picture of it!



Arnold Line’s “slow boat” is also running right now, and although I don’t have a recent picture of that, I did find an old picture of it in one of my dad’s old photo albums. Since my spring break trip to Atchison, I’ve been more fascinated with old photographs and memories than ever, and even the simplest of pictures become amazing treasures from the past: