May Day

It’s finally May! The island really enjoyed a great weekend filled with beautiful sunny weather, and I was able to snap a couple of photos from Shepler’s Mackinac Island dock while waiting for my parents to arrive:


This weekend the island also saw many visitors who were here to hunt for treasure! Many people came together for the 5th annual Geocaching Spring Fling. Tons of people logged in at different geocaches located all over the island, and with about 90 geocaches to find on the island, that’s a lot of walking! Now I’m a big fan of hiking the trails. But I’m actually more of a fan of letterboxing, a similar activity to geocaching, where each box found has it’s own specially made rubber stamp that is used to log in. In any case, it was great getting to see so many people out and about in the beautiful weather. I can’t wait until the all the stores are open and the season really gets going!