“Whose woods these are I think I know. His house is in the village though; He will not see me stopping here, to watch his woods fill up with snow.” – Robert Frost

With the snow storm upon us, I can only assume that every person on this island is relieved and now relaxed knowing that we can all use our snowmobiles without having to worry about whether there was enough snow or not! Not that that stopped many people from still riding their snowmobiles… but with the snow around, it helps.

As I finished teaching my last class of the day yesterday, I walked outside to find myself in a light pouring of rain. And as I talked to my parents on the phone just minutes later, they proceeded to tell me about the snow that was piling up in Petoskey… and here I was left wondering where our snow was!? Were we going to have another experience of everyone around us getting snow, except here on the island? I went on with the rest of my evening and took a ride out to Mission Point’s gym… on my bike.

On the way there, I noticed one of many massive freighters that go through our straits, but one thing that I’ve never had the chance to see was their incredibly large and powerful flood light. I first noticed it while riding my bike past two houses. Just as I was passing the first house, their light just happened to turn towards my direction and blind me for just a second! I later learned that they use this light to check the perimeter of the boat and make sure that there isn’t any dangerous ice near the boat.


It wasn’t until I got back home from the gym, after eating dinner and was getting ready for bed, when I finally noticed a gust of wind hit my house, and a pile of snow fell off the roof. Finally, the snow was here! Maybe this weekend will give me the opportunity to snowshoe through the trails and cross-country ski through town. I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning just to see it all:

Winter on Mackinac Island is something not many tourists experience, but they certainly should! Especially since the winter festival, chili cook-off, and Washington’s brithday bash all happen in February (and I might as well throw this in here… you can come celebrate my birthday then too!).