Snow Drive

As the K-12 Music teacher at Mackinac Island Public Schools, I have the opportunity to see about 80% of the students here on the island, plus teach a guitar & piano ensemble at the high school level. And I’m always looking for new ways to expose every area of music to my students. This year, I went to the Michigan Music Conference in Grand Rapids, MI, hoping to learn new ideas about doing just that.It also was nice to find out that a lot of the things that I’m currently teaching in my music classes are things that were discussed during many of the sessions. It’s always nice to know that I’m on the right track!

Anyway, the only downside to this annual conference is that it happens in January. This is the month that the boat companies usually stop running boats to Mackinac Island ~ and it just so happened that the day that I left for the conference was also the last passenger boat Shepler’s would run for the season. I have to say that Shepler’s is always very accomodating to their customers, and having one of their buses on their boat for us to sit in was a great idea. The most comfortable winter ride ever! And I’ll definitely look forward to next season.

(picture of the ice & the island):


Once off the island, I spent a night in Petoskey, and woke up to another couple inches of snow. Much to my surprise, unfortunately, that snow conintued throughout most of northern lower Michigan on my drive down to Grand Rapids (and I also have to admit that I’m one of those people who drives slow in the snow)! On the way back up on Sunday, all the snow had cleared and the sun was shining too! So I decided to put up a before & after picture of my drive:


I took the Arnold transit slow boat back to Mackinac Island on Sunday. Deciding to sit underneath on the lower level, I had forgotten how strong that boat really is! You could hear the boat grinding against all the ice as it slowly made its way away from the dock. There were quite a few of us down below, and a few of the passengers couldn’t help but look outisde to see all the commotion in the ice:

I take so many pictures of the Mackinac bridge and the Round Island lighthouses from the island, that I had to take the opportunity to take pictures of just the island from the outside:

When I arrived home, I had a wonderful surprise that I’d been expecting for quite some time… my snowmobile had finally arrived! Granted, it’s not driveable yet (it’s missing one part which is going in tomorrow!!), but I figured I’d better get it over here asap! Next week, my cousin from Australia is coming into the states to visit for a month, and I hope to give her a chance to drive around in the snow!


I also decided to take pictures of the Round Island Passage Lighthouse. And this is where my blog will end for tonight… thanks for reading!