Great Lakes Air

After 2 weeks of battling one crazy cold, I was happy to spend the weekend with my family… and that meant a quick trip off of the island. Now islanders usually have several ways to leave Mackinac in the winter: we can take the boat when the water allows for it, and that usually goes through the first or second week of January. The second way is to take the ice bridge, which can be done by snowmobile, or even by bike or (a very long) walk. And the third is to take Great Lakes Air, and fly off the island.

However, this has been an interesting winter for all of us so far! It’s too icy to run the boats… and it’s too warm for an ice bridge to even form. So that only leaves us with flying as our only transportation to and from the island right now.

The quickest way to get there this time of year is by snowmobile, and if you know enough people, and are in the right place at the right time, it’s easy to catch a ride if you need one. For me, however, not wanting to sneeze/cough/hack on anyone, I decided to take a trip up to the airport by taxi.


And once there, I was quickly helped out by Myron:


I was pretty lucky and was able to catch a plane all to myself! It seemed like the perfect time to not only take pictures, but to take another (almost) 360 picture inside of the plane:

The pilots make so many trips every day that I’m sure it’s like driving in a car for them! The trip is so quick, somewhere around 5 minutes, and it’s, in my opinion, so much fun! It costs $25 for a one way trip, or $50 for a round trip. And of course, it’s a great time to catch some pictures of Mackinac island, the water, and the Mackinac Bridge…

*Update* ~ added several aerial photos of Mackinac Island ~ I can see my house!: