Mackinac Island Art – Valentine’s Day

Today, I though I’d share some of the Valentine’s Day art projects from some of my K-1 students at Mackinac Island Public School! We have been studying watercolors, and I used this fun Valentine project as a way to see how watercolors can blend with each other.

Students were able to experiment with blending different colors together, and seeing if they’d be a good match! Some were right on the ball and came out with some pretty combinations, painting separate sections, and also painting colors on top of one another:


Some students got a little excited blending a lot their paints together in the background:


And some really wanted to blend a little bit of everything!


Overall, the students had a fun time painting their hearts! I let them dry overnight, and today the students will get to take their hearts home to their moms and dads. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!