Friends and Snowmobiles

Some friends of mine came up to Mackinac Island this weekend, and it was the perfect opportunity for a snowmobile outing! We headed out to British Landing for a scenic ride and a photo opportunity. Before I left to join the group, I had to first take a picture of the rabbit footprints that cover my front yard every day! 


Then, as we left for our drive, I headed one of the snowmobiles for a bit, and we ended up at British Landing. Sandy tried her hand at it on the way back. She’s a real pro!

Panoramic View of British Landing:

(Refresh the page once if the picture doesn’t show)

Earlier in the week, I had taken a run out to Devil’s Kitchen. As an islander that lives downtown, I often find myself staying near town to run, and Devil’s Kitchen is usually my first choice of destination. At this point, there wasn’t much snow or ice on the road, but there was plenty in the water… so I took this “off-island” picture by standing on the ice and pointing towards Devil’s Kitchen:


Panoramic View of Devil’s Kitchen:

(Refresh the page once if the picture doesn’t show)

Another highlight of the weekend was the Potluck Lunch put on for the community! It was an opportunity for those who are new to the island to come and meet new people. There were a lot of new faces, and a lot of familiar ones, too. The island community has several of these potlucks during the winter, and we never disappoint with the delicious food that everyone brings:

As the ice in the lake gets blown around by high winds everyday, a lot of that ice gets blown on top of each other, and there was a LOT of it just piled up, one after the other, at least ten feet high! The picture below is from right outside the school. I had to use a couple of filters on this one, I couldn’t help myself!


That’s all for now… here’s hoping for more snow into the new month, and looking forward to Arnold Line running their boats again this coming Tuesday. See you in March!