Spring Time

With the rise in temperature and the animal life going crazy all over the place, it’s hard not to want to be outdoors every waking minute these days!

I decided to look for more letterboxes on Sunday, and brought my bike along with me. Don’t get me wrong here, even islanders can get lost every once in awhile! I suppose I should have taken a map with me, because on my way to Winnebago Trail I instead ended up at Arch Rock…. woops! An honest mistake. But a good one, too. With the sound of slowly moving waves and a slight breeze in the air, I couldn’t help but stay awhile…

I then slowly made my way around the island, first up East Bluff, then over to West Bluff. Did you know that Michigan’s state tree is the white pine? If you don’t know what it looks like, here it is!


Although not everything on Mackinac Island is green yet, there’s already a lot of green moss sprouting up everywhere:


I also thought that the snowmobile blocks would be removed by now, but not yet. There are still a couple of snowmobiles stranded downtown, and it’s just a matter of time before people drive them back to their storage areas. Mine is nicely stored in my back yard.


If you follow Shepler’s Ferry on facebook, you would have noticed that their cover picture on St. Patrick’s Day featured a picture by Brenda Horton. It took me awhile to figure out where specifically the picture was taken… but I was very intrigued! I decided to try to find that location, and take a “spring” photo in the same spot. I didn’t quite get the same spot… but it looks pretty close:


Another great place for photos? Pontiac’s Trail, which can be found on the West Bluff. It’s a fun trail to walk on, plus you get a great view of the lake, bridge, and passage.

Can you see Round Island Lighthouse?


… can you see it now!?


… how about now!?!?


One of my favorite spots from this weekend: