Sights around Mackinac Island

It was a fairly busy weekend for Mackinac Island this past weekend. Unfortunately, I missed most of it! But here’s what I was able to catch:

For almost all of Saturday my time was spent at the Mackinac Island Public Library, putting up the artwork for our school’s 2012 spring art show. I was not quite aware of how many people were around town that day… at least not until the next day on Sunday when I made my way to church. 

As I biked along, I noticed a fair amount of tourists enjoying some of the nice weather that morning in front of the Island House:


My mom and I were a little bit late for mass at Ste. Anne’s, but we didn’t think much about it… man, we should have been on time!!


Turns out my sister got there a little bit late too, so we all ended up sitting together… in the back. But it was still a lovely mass πŸ™‚ As we mosied back home afterwards, that was when I really got to see Mackinac island back alive for the first time this year:


Almost all of the stores are open, and even though there’s still a little bit of construction/painting going around here and there, Mackinac island is pretty much ready for every tourist!

For those of you who will be around this coming weekend, please join me at the K-12 student art show reception this Friday from 4-6pm, at the Mackinac Island Public Library. It features artwork ranging from Kindergarten watercolor paintings, to 3rd grade oil pastel, to 12th grade acrylic paintings. The reception is free for all, and cookies will be provided! Hope to see you there, and if not, you can see pictures from the reception this coming weeekend.