In Bloom

My favorite lilacs are starting to bloom on Mackinac:

photo courtesy of May’s Candy Shop

I love this time of year, for lots of reasons, and the lilacs are one of them. The picture above actually is of the type of lilacs that I like the most! Some are more in bloom than others, but the one thing I love about this time of year is that I can smell the lilac scent in the air whenever I’m riding my bike through town.

Another reason that I love this time of year is because all of the seasonal islanders start making their way back to the island. Why just yesterday I walked into Doud’s grocery store and was stopped by 3 different people who had just recently arrived to the island. Who knew that shopping for groceries could get so exciting! And it doesn’t stop there… when I’m walking downtown, am making fudge, waiting for the ferry, etc., I know that there’s a “welcome back!” exclamation just waiting to happen.

The third reason this time of year is so amazing is that, not only do people start coming back, but their dogs come back too! I love dogs, and hope that I’ll be in the right situation to own one someday. But for now, I have so many neighbors with a total 6 awesome dogs that live on my corner. I also noticed over on bree’s blog this link:, that is all about the dogs on Mackinac Island. They’re so cute!

The fourth reason that I love this time of year is that I get to start making fudge again! The cleaning and painting and organizing and fix-it projects are all finished, and we can start to get down to the business of making fudge. I’m sure you all know how much I love making fudge from my previous post, so today I only have one picture to share from yesterday’s candy making:

Quickly stirring a batch of peanut butter fudge.

My fifth reason for loving the island this time of year… well, it’s still the lilacs, hehe. Let me leave you with some final pictures of the lilacs around town: