Postcard to Mackinac 08.03.2012

From Minnesota to Mackinac:

I wasn’t quite sure about this one, until I read the other side!

This is apparently the very school that Bob Dylan attended! As someone who has been learning guitar on my own for the past couple of years and trying to delve into the world of folk and rock music, Bob Dylan is an excellent place to start.

Mackinac Island has two bluffs with amazingly beautiful historic cottages on both. The East Bluff can be found right behind Mission Point Resort, where you can find the Baby Grand… and the West Bluff is just a walk past The Grand Hotel. Here you can find the quaint “Birthday Cake” cottage, as well as The Pines Cottage, which is where the Mackinac Arts Council holds their annual Jammin’ for the Arts Fundraiser, filling up with art, live music, and a great atmosphere. Take a long walk on Mackinac Island to explore not only the trails, but also get lost in these historical buildings on the West and East bluffs.

Thank you so much for the postcard, Char! It was great meeting you, too!

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