(Almost) A New Season

Who knows when the tourist season changes? I mean, REALLY changes… if you guessed right after Labor Day, you’re on the same brain wave as me, my friend. The amount of tourist foot traffic dwindles down after Labor Day (with the occasional “normal” Saturday), and that’s when I first start to get excited about the fall season on Mackinac Island. Less people are here because of the change in season – new jobs are started, school begins once again, leaving all the kids dreaming of fudge, open waters, and never-ending bike rides. Or at least that’s what I assume they’re thinking. And because of that, right now is actually a great time to visit Mackinac Island! When you’re not fighting for walking space on the streets and sidewalks, you have more time to spend thinking about how amazing the historical sites and nature around you looks.

But it’s not only the lower number of tourists, it’s also that there’s less people on Mackinac Island in general. All those little kids going back to school also means that the big kids are back at college, and we lose half our summer employee population (that’s just my rough guess, really). They are off on their own new adventures, meeting more new people and working hard at school (or so I assume), and every once in awhile someone will come back and reminisce about the good ol’ days of just about a month ago, which I’m sure seems like an eternity ago to them. Every summer I make my new friends and worry that things will never be the same when they leave… well, when it all comes down to it, it really never will be the same. It’s inevitable. And with me trying not to turn into a crazy facebook stalker lady, I do my best to stay in touch with all my new friends without seeming desperate (emphasis on, “I do my best”). Because the fact of the matter is, a girl can only live so long on her own, on a beautiful island, and appreciate all its wonder without sharing it with her friends. *side note: this is my subtle way of saying to them, please VISIT.*

Of course, this changing of the seasons also means that a new one (Fall) is starting, and that another one (Winter) is just around the corner! Fall is by far the best season of all the seasons… changing leaves, cooler air, the peace and quiet… also, there’s something about the evening sunsets during the fall that just seem, well, better than any other time of the year. And there are always a dozen (or more) reasons to look forward to winter on Mackinac Island. Let me leave you with one such reason… this scenery will never get old to me: