A (windy) Day in the Life

Don’t you just love crazy weather!?

I love it. It makes bicycle commutes much more challenging and adventurous. All I want to do is make a quick run to the post office I think, and yet this one small task becomes an exciting battle between woman and wind. Since it’s Mackinac Island, pretty much everyone gets to have that challenge as well.

At the end of Shepler’s dock is a place where commuters can park their bikes when they leave the island. I hate when spiders get into my bike, especially around the basket, so I opt for a removable rear basket that is still roomy enough for all the big bags I might carry around town:

The last week of having my lilac ribbon for the season, just recently replaced with Halloween inspired skeletons and burlap

September and October is also a great time for some crazily windy weather. My parents’ home has a very large front yard filled with several very old trees. Earlier this summer, one of our trees lost a huge branch and hit the house! Fortunately, nothing and no one was hurt. But the fallen branch did fill up our entire front yard! In this picture (taken a couple weeks ago), another smaller branch on the same tree, fell to the ground from high winds. This one was a little easier to clean up:

And even though we’ve had plenty of windy and rainy days, a lot of those moments were followed by some intense rainbow cover!

Here’s a beautiful susnet photo taken from the boardwalk near my house. Believe it or not, I added no filters to this picture:

Here’s another sunset photo, with an added filter:

If you’re like me, you enjoy the calm after the storm. Always remember that peace is just a rainstorm away…