Greetings from Mackinac Island – Halloween Edition!

Here’s an update from Mackinac Island and our never-ending holiday… Halloween!

The last weekend for the majority of island businesses came upon us just recently, and it’s always a fun weekend to enjoy. That Saturday, kids from the island and visitors too were able to trick-or-treat around all of the main street businesses to get their share of candy. At May’s Candy Shop, we gave out little bags of fudge! While I only wore my red cape, it blended so well with my blue Laker’s shirt that everyone thought I resembled some sort of Super Woman type character. I was quickly donned as the Super Fudge Lady:

Super Fudge Lady with The Count!

My brother had a pretty cool costume this year (The Count!), and kids just flocked to him to get some treats!

And that evening, we enjoyed some live music at The Gatehouse for one more night of fun at this awesome Mackinac Island restaurant for the season.

My friend Megan as a flapper, and myself as Little Red Riding Hood. Looks like Puddy approves of my costume!

Let’s back track a little bit, shall we? The night before, I decided to really get my scare on, so I took an adventure through town and ended up at The Haunted Theatre, one of the scariest wax museums you’ll ever encounter! It’s been years since I went through the place, and I just felt the need to get some screams out. I was accompanied by three of my coworkers from Mackinac Island Public School, and boy did we have a scream!

Chelsea Berkshire enjoys the scenery from inside the Haunted Theatre
Is it time to hibernate yet?

After the Haunted Theatre, I packed up a small bag and made my way down to Mission Point Resort, where Todd Clements and his group had their final Ghost Hunt for the season. Todd runs the ghost tours that go through town all summer, and usually puts on these 2 1/2 hour long ghost hunt sessions several times during the summer as well. We navigated through Mission Point’s theater and sound stage, flashing photos and recording for EVPs. I might have caught a couple of orbs here and there… well, maybe they’re specs of dust…. but this one is a close up of my best bet for photo evidence of a ghost. I may need further analyzing!

So the weekend turned out to be so much fun, I almost forgot that everything was shutting down and that the season had come to an end. Soon, all of the summer residents will be leaving and the year round residents will be enjoying a quietly peaceful winter here on the great turtle. Happy Halloween, everyone!