Settling In

It’s 2013, and that means only a few more weeks until the boats stop running. Everyone’s putting in their last minute big shipments to the island (including my own order for a new snowmobile windshield) and shopping off-island until the moment when the lake freezes enough that we are then forced to take the plane, or drive the ice bridge when it forms… although that itself can be a pretty fun adventure… but, in the meantime, I’m settling in.

School is starting up again this week, and I’ve got a whole new semester full of musical surprises for my students. That’s the beauty of finishing a concert… that once the hard work of practicing and performing has paid off, we get a little break and come back to a fresh new slate, open to the possibilities of more challenging music, offering a new sound to our audience, and a new piece of music to work into each students’ memory.

Ste. Anne’s is also settling into its winter activities: moving masses back downstairs after having Christmas and New Year’s masses inside the church, getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day’s raffle ticket dinner, and starting up our religious education for the new year. I get the lucky position of teaching the littlest ones! Anyway, I have all these things about to fill my plate, and I’m looking forward to getting started.

The other day, I left church on a Sunday afternoon after getting a lot of work in, and I decided to take East Bluff back home instead of driving through town and up Grand Hill… I climbed my snowmobile up the steep, curving Truscott St. and just made it onto East Bluff when… my snowmobile stops dead in its tracks. I panicked slightly, thinking that maybe I did something wrong. Maybe I let it idle for too long, or did I have my choke on too long… I didn’t think I’d encounter anyone else back here, and immediately started scolding myself for taking a back way home.

But lo and behold, an islander happened to drive by, and, being pretty well versed in snowmobiles himself, checked it out. Turns out, my gas cap is old and wasn’t reading my gas tank properly. I was out of gas! Feeling stupid, yet relieved that it wasn’t something serious, my island neighbor was nice to let me borrow a gallon of gas for the day, until I could get myself to the hardware store the next day.

Does anyone know where the gas station on Mackinac Island is? It’s by the hardware store, which is between Mark’s Double Oven and the taxi building. Since they’re only open Monday through Friday, I went straight home on my one gallon of gas and stayed put until the next morning when they opened.

Although I started out with not the greatest experience of driving on East Bluff, I now regularly take it to and from work. I can’t help wanting to look out over downtown, as the view from this bluff is pretty great!


From the top of East Bluff… what a great way to start the morning!
Looking down East Bluff
Looking down East Bluff
A view from the airport. Many of us will be traveling by air in just a couple of weeks
A view from the airport. Many of us will be traveling by air in just a couple of weeks