Cooling Lake & Land

The water in the lake is starting to freeze, and you can see nothing but steam rising up from the water:

mackinac island gal blog steam from lake huron

These are just some pictures that I took yesterday of my view around town. I have a couple of new ideas for how I’d like to display some of these pictures, but that will come to you very soon…

I drove downtown early to get gas in my snowmobile, and for some reason I always get there too early. I didn’t think anyone else would be making my same mistake, so I parked it right next to the hardware store and snapped this picture while waiting. Can you see the slow boat off in the distance?

mackinac island gal blog old arnold dock

Sometimes I park my snowmobile in my parents’ front yard and today I did just that, walking the rest of the short way over to my second job at the school. When I got out, I walked along the boardwalk.

mackinac island gal blog boardwalk signs

The weather’s been hovering around -4 to 4 degrees, and it’s been a real pain having to wake up early in the morning, having to drive home at night… basically, any time that I have to go outside! What in the world do islanders have to do in this kind of climate and location anyway? Well, there’s lots of fun things to do. Keep a look out for my next post where I show you a great program funded by donations and the MICF.