Fun In February

It’s been awhile, readers, but here’s what I’ve been up to this month:

Even with my birthday this month I don’t often find myself writing about a lot in February, but this year has been much different. First, I celebrated my birthday on the 16th this month… last of my twenties, even… and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. The last two years that I’ve been here for my birthday I’ve been alone or working all day long, and as much as I tried making the best of the situation, was still sad about not being able to spend the day near my family. However, a friend of mine recently reminded me that I am not alone. There are lots of people who find themselves in the same predicament, have a birthday near a holiday (ie, Valentine’s), and just feel a little overlooked. I decided that I would try harder to make my birthday fun this year. So, I invited every islander I knew (on facebook) to a get-together at Cawthorne’s Village Inn the Friday before, to celebrate in style. It turned out to be a very fun night.

The next day, Megan, a good friend of mine from college, and I went over to Marquette Park for some sledding. I had recently bought an inner tube and was excited to be able to use it out on the snow, since one of my birthday dreams was to be pulled around on the back of a snowmobile while in an inner tube, and ride around the island. Megan and I realized that Marquette Park wasn’t quite as hill-y as we thought, so we gravitated towards Fort St. and built up the courage to start all the way at the top and sled all the way down. Now THAT’s what I call a sledding party!

Unfortunately, we got so tired afterwards that my snowmobiling-inner tube plan did not work out. Let’s save that for another day, I thought, and Megan and I went downtown to enjoy the chili cook-off that was happening at the CVI and The Mustang, hoping to find that one amazing chili….

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Chili Cookoff

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