East Side Boat Ride

It might take longer, but the east side of Mackinac Island is what you could call, the scenic route.

Sometimes when the boats start running again, there’s too much ice packed in on one side of the island. It usually ends up all on the side that the boats and ferries normally run on, which is the west side (or as I refer to it, the school side), and in that case the boat makes a trip around the other way. Now I’ve never had the opportunity see the east side of the island from the boat, so I was pretty excited to get a trip in this year.

Now when winter begins, you can see a lot of snowmobiles coming to the island, but when it ends, snowmobiles tend to leave the island. I think it’s more fun watching snowmobiles come to the island, because the snowmobile has to be moving to get up the ramp, and someone has to be waiting at the top of the ramp to grab a ski and turn it at a 90 degree angle as quickly as possible in order to make the turn (I may have to search for that picture!), but I did catch some video of one going onto the boat. No quick turns, but you can see how it would have to work if the snowmobile were coming up the ramp instead of going down, like it is here:

Once on the boat, I parked my butt on an outdoor bench and prepared to take a couple of photos. Although there aren’t many historic cottages or buildings on this side of the island, it’s such a nice view of the natural beauty that you experience from being here. Since it was already past 5:00, and with the sun on the other side of the island, most of my pictures turned out a little dark… but I did manage to get a few good ones in the bunch:

mackinac island blog 4

mackinac island blog 1

mackinac island blog 2

mackinac island blog 3