Ice Water

Lots more snow, and a LOT more ice have been spotted around here on Mackinac Island!


Today I heard a lot of buzz around the island about all the ice build up at Arnold Line’s dock in St. Ignace, and how the boat was having trouble getting out of the harbor. We (along with most of Michigan I assume) were hit with another blustery snow storm this weekend that included very cold temps, allowing the lake to cool down even more and for ice to form. A couple of days ago Lake Huron started its transformation, and as you can see here, the lake is lightly steaming:


Now earlier this week we had a TON of ice in the lake around Mackinac Island, but it wasn’t anything that was yet to stick… most of it had just blown in from the changing winds, and blew right back out the next day. But, it was still very cool (no pun intended!) to see all that ice for the first time this year:





I think some of that ice even got pushed into the shoreline, leaving us with these large patches of ice:




On Saturday night, I had the unfortunate event of my snowmobile breaking down that night when leaving Doud’s Market…. well, it didn’t ‘break down,’ per se, but I couldn’t pull start it because I had pulled the cord right out of it! Not a fun thing to happen to you when it’s dark, windy, and blisteringly cold, either! Nevertheless, I headed home with my groceries, and tried not to worry about it, except that I had to post my woes on facebook at the very least. Turned out to be a good move, because one of my friends was able to get me the number of one of the snowmobile repair shops up here, and they were able to get me up and running once again on Sunday afternoon. So if you ever get stuck with snowmobile problems on Mackinac Island, getting it fixed is is a very quick feat! Anyway, I did have to walk Sunday morning to church, and I made sure to get a few quick pics out of my walk back home:








Stay warm, everybody!