Aerial Views

Since being on winter break from school, I had the opportunity to leave Mackinac Island by boat and spend time with my family off island. However, I was surprised to find out that the boat had stopped running during my time away, and I was forced to come back to Mackinac by plane! I guess that shouldn’t have surprised me too much, what with it being Northern Michigan and all, and that there was a huge ice storm the day AFTER I first left… but in the four short winters that I’ve stayed here, the earliest that the boats had stopped running was by the second week of January! So it was still a little surprising.

No problem though, as I enjoy riding the 5-person planes that Great Lakes Air takes to Mackinac. The ride is short and sweet, and it’s pretty easy getting some aerial views while in the air:






Once back on Mackinac Island, I had a couple options for getting down the hill… I could ride the taxi, as seen below:


Or, I could call my boyfriend to come pick me up by snowmobile… which is what I did πŸ™‚ We rode two to the sled and he very courageously held on to my very heavy 18-gallon tote as I slowly drove down the hill. Trust me, there are ways to get around on this island in the winter, but sometimes the snow just won’t cooperate, as you can see here with the chief-of-police stuck in the snow at the airport!


Once I was down the hill and completely unpacked, I decided to take a walk downtown, and noticed how much snow had accumulated on the island! YAY! The one downside? I think some people who are gone for a longer amount of time, and parked their snowmobiles downtown, might run into a little problem:



Happy New Year, everyone, and safe travels!