The last of the Ice Bridge

The ice bridge is finally gone, but I still have a few pictures to share with all of you of its last days with us…


It’s harder to see in this picture, but the trees really are still there!

Hearing stories from other islanders who have spent years to decades on this island in the cold, long winters, I’ve heard stories about a long standing ice bridge that many have used as their main transportation out of here. This year seemed to remind a lot of people of that time, as I was told that it’s been several years since we’ve had such a good ice bridge. I’ve only been here for 4 winters to experience the ice bridge, and the last two years produced bridges with a very short life span. But this year I had the opportunity to experience a long-term bridge, and take my first snowmobile ride across it as well.


I flew off the island the last two weekends, and had some great views of the remainder of the ice bridge down below. Now you should always cross it with caution, but when you see it in this state, you can really appreciate the reason why.

mackinac-island-blog-icebridge-2 mackinac-island-blog-icebridge-3


You can clearly see the open water and broken ice that surrounds the bare skeleton of an ice bridge that remains somewhat intact, with the trees hanging on to the trail. You can even make out the snowmobile tracks, and one can just imagine back just a month ago when people were zooming across it! It is truly a wonder of Northern Michigan.


Now that the ice bridge is gone and all the snow on the roads (and most of the yards, too) has melted, it’s back to riding bikes again. And what do I find when I start riding my bike around? A flat tire, of course! I quickly got that fixed, along with replacing several parts to get my gears working again, and replacing a few missing screws on my back fender which holds up my rear basket. I’m glad to have it back in working order, and I’m also grateful that my bike isn’t hidden in this bike rack, still waiting for its mountain of snow to melt!


Until next time!