Fudge Festival 2014

This past weekend was the big celebration of the Mackinac Fudge Festival. My anxieties are a little high this time of year because I worry about how well I can put forth the best of my fudge shops. This year, I was able to create a lot at the fudge shops, and with the new and fun ideas brought through the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, this year’s fudge festival was very exciting!

On Saturday, a store for each fudge shop gave a presentation on how they make fudge. Ours started at 5:00pm, which gave us plenty of time to fill our tables with lots of fudge…





My dad, Marvin May, has owned and operated the store for decades following his dad, Harold May, and my older sister, Tienne and I have been helping with the business as well. As much as I enjoy working with my family, I have also started to feel more creative as a candy maker in my fifth year of making fudge.







There are lots of different ways of making fudge, but I’m constantly trying to find new ways to present it, especially when designing the fudge in its last stage on the table:





When the demonstration began, I was ready for them! I took everyone through our process, the tools we use, our basic ingredients, and even had a little audience participation by letting people guess the weight of our copper kettles. I think everyone had a great time.


And of course as you all know, fudge can be pretty…



My next upcoming blog will have a lot more to do with what you see in this last photo… stay tuned!

~ Heather