More snow… finally!

Hi all,

It’s been awhile, mostly because of work, but partially because the snow has been gone for so long! I didn’t feel right posting winter snow photos when the island really looked like a gray, wet day in October… so, I waited until the snow came back, which just happened to be today.

I’m going to start, however, with some snow pictures that were taken on Thanksgiving Day! I took an early morning drive and shot some pictures around the island. My second installment of photos will be taken later tonight, as I plan on taking a little night ride… as long as this snow sticks around!

(*note: you may have to click on the photos to see them larger!)

The view from behind Mission Point Resort
Downtown Mackinac Island
A far away view of the Grand Hotel as seen from the baby Grand


Blocked! An adventure on foot for another day…

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