Chapter 8

Heather looked up at the water opening she had just jumped through, and stared amazingly as the water swirled back together in a whirlpool. This place is becoming more magical than I could have ever imagined as a kid, she thought, thinking back at all the times she would play imaginary games with her siblings as a child. She turned her attention back to Ric and their new third party, and took a look around.

Although they were surrounded by a solid wall of water, that wasn’t the most amazing part of the scene. Heather realized that she was actually standing on a sidewalk. A sidewalk! Next to it was a street, that stretched as far as she could see. And across the street was a wall of water, the underwater scene on the other side of the wall muddled as the currents were moving. Heather didn’t know how this could all be possible, but with all that she had experienced with her short time back on Mackinac Island, nothing seemed impossible anymore.

There was a dark mass on the other side of the wall, and Heather wondered if there was some kind of deep abyss. “What IS all of this?”

“It’s another project from the government. Something that had been worked on for decades, but never revealed to anyone. I headed this project, and unfortunately I’m the only one here to oversee it.” The woman who had just a moment ago given Ric one long embrace reached a hand out to Heather in peace. “My name is Mila. I thought I was all alone here, but I see that I’m wrong.” She broke a little smile as she looked back at Ric.

“We’re long time work colleagues, and I have a lot of respect for this woman,” Ric said. “She’s the reason I came to Mackinac Island. She’s also saved my life plenty times…”

“… so you owe me big time,” Mila interjected with a teasing voice, then punched Ric square in the shoulder. “We were both here working on separate projects but with the same goal: to create a technological world here on this island that would be usable in any place in the world. I had just finished up with this,” she waved a hand towards the water walls and road, “when the event occurred. That kinda threw a wrench in the works, and I thought everyone was gone, even this guy.”

Ric was staring at Mila with a longing look on his face, soaking in every word she spoke. He really wasn’t kidding about his respect for her. “So,” Heather started,” you created this underground road?”

“A waterway, if you will. If successful, we would take this project and apply it to larger areas, even expand it to connect continents. But we needed a place to test it so, here it is. And it works, too! This waterway is like an underground M-185, goes all the way around the island. Wanna see?”

“Well I don’t know if we really have time for a long bike ride right now…”

“Don’t worry, we’re not technically ON Mackinac Island, so I’ve got another means of transportation for us…” Mila walked over to the waterwall and stuck her hand through it, grabbed something on the other side, and pushed it down. To her left, the water started to swirl in a huge vortex that expanded eight feet on every side. The dark mass on the other side of the water wall was about to be revealed, and as the opening to started to get bigger, Heather and Ric could see the car that was waiting for them on the other side…

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