October in Full Swing

This has been a good, long summer, and I’m glad that it’s finally October. There are too many fun things going on this month.

When I’m teaching I only get to be back in the fudge shops to make fudge on Saturdays, so this Saturday I prepared myself for a routine day of fudge making. It was slow, but then again, what October doesn’t feel like that after enduring the hectic schedules of June, July and August? I didnt make any fudge art, but I tried a new spin on selling fudge in the form of mini pies. Who wouldn’t like a dollop of fudge surrounded by a layer of graham cracker crust? I guess I’ll be finding out soon, as they just went out into the showcase this Monday.

The big excitement for me and I’m sure lots of the tourists traveling on and off the island this Sunday was the weather. Blowing winds and big waves was the theme for the day, and tourists stopping to chat with me while I made fudge filled me in on how their ferry had canceled a scheduled trip, had shut down altogether for the day, and were just hoping the waves would die down later in the day. I myself wanted to check out the waves, and did so in the morning behind the fudge shop. Sneaking out the back door and walking down the alley behind my shop, the Trading Post, and Seabiscuit, I walked out onto the dock and around the hardware store to get a better view looking at the back of our store, where one can find a very lovely private venue known to me as the Tiki Room. Often times on a hot, summer day, the owners of this Tiki paradise will sit out there and grill something that the wind currents blow in through my fudge shop’s back door and entices me to immediately run out and buy some ribs.

On this day, however, no one was cooking… and a good thing, too! I caught these waves brushing up against the dock and the biggest one almost flew far enough back around to hit me where I was standing:

Since it had started to rain after work, and I’ve been feeling under the weather, I decided not to go out after work on Saturday to get more pictures. The weather was a bit better on Sunday, and it wasn’t raining, so I took some time to snap a few pics down by one of the break walls:



So the exciting thing that’s happening this month? My brother’s getting married! I can’t wait because it’s going to be awesome seeing my big brother tie the knot, plus the reception will be filled with tons of his ballroom dancing friends from college. Looks like I won’t be missing much of the Grand Hotel’s ballroom dance weekend, because I’ll be dancing all night anyway! And of course, this month has what a lot of us islanders call the ‘holiday that never ends,’ which is Halloween. More on that in a future post…

~ Heather