Waiting for Winter

Finally, after weekend-long predictions from the weather stations that we would be getting snow, I was happy to wake up this morning to…. snow!

With May’s Fudge Shop closed for the season, November has been a welcoming month for me, and I’m getting used to the quiet streets of Mackinac Island once again. I like it. It is not uncommon to walk downtown and not see a single person this time of year, and I always enjoy that change of pace. This might be the time of the year that I most often walk on the street, but being so used to sticking to sidewalks, I still rarely do it… even when no one’s around!

Just me and this dray driver downtown this afternoon


The scene at Windermere Park


At the end of Shepler’s dock one morning (actually, this one was from October!)

And just when I think I’ve grown too accustomed to the island this time of year, I find myself with an itch to leave for a minute. So on a Saturday in November, a day of the week that would normally be the busiest day of the week for me in the fudge shop, I would leave the island for a day just to drive my car around and pick up whatever essentials or non-essentials that I need.

Arnold Line dock


The rows of bikes from bikes from islanders gone for the weekend. And my mom, with her mini rolling luggage to carry groceries.
The Macking Bridge on a cloudy day. I’m so used to taking a picture of this from far away, but I don’t very often take one while on the bridge

Every once in awhile some snow would fall, but it wouldn’t stay that long. Sometimes, it would be gone by end of the day. Sometimes within in a few hours. I wasn’t too impressed with November for awhile, but I took pictures of the falling snow, anyway.

All in all, it’s been a good November. The streets are quiet, decorations are starting to go up, and the snow is finally here. I can’t complain! My next project is to move into winter housing as I’m not all the way moved yet, and that will be my main focus this coming week. I would add Thanksgiving to that too, however, my family celebrated Thanksgiving early this year so that they would only have to worry about winterizing their home and packing up to move this coming week. Once the moves have happened, I’ll probably be back in winter mode.

Well, maybe a few more inches of snow… and then I’ll be in winter mode.

Until next time,