A New Year on Mackinac Island, 2016!

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s the weekend, and I’ve made it to the last couple days before my break from work is over. I grabbed the last boat back to Mackinac Island Friday night, got myself situated back at home, and promptly woke up sick the next morning…! But hopefully I’ll be ok by the time school starts on Monday. Anyway, I haven’t felt up for a hike today even though I was planning on one, but I did manage to take a few pics from my walk from Doud’s:

A picture of a snowy Main St. The people down the street were having a snowball fight! If I didn’t feel so sick I probably would’ve joined them 😉


Looks like my corner store got plowed in!


And the main store got plowed in even more! Thank goodness the door opens inward…
And some views from my backyard


As for the new year, I’m really looking forward to 2016. I have more managing experience under my belt, and a lot of new ideas to try out at the fudge shops this summer, including fudge art and specialty candies, just to name a few. My other goal is to, of course, live a healthier life, which I’ve already started with the help of my sister, who is living with me on Mackinac Island this summer. It’s nice to have the company! She is also spending the winter learning how to cook, and I get to be one of her taste testers as she makes her way through cookbooks from Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, and The Chew. I myself am trying to get more into meal prep so that I can have an entire week’s worth of meals ready to eat. And as far as exercise goes, it looks like I’ll be teaching my ballroom dance class again this winter, another fun addition to my regular workouts (and as much as I like to swing dance, I need to make sure to fit in the hustle and the samba!).

My other new year’s resolution is to finish my online writing, which you can find under the “WRITING” tab at the top of my blogpage. When I first started writing I was just doing it for fun, and didn’t really have an ending or even a storyline in mind. I was really just writing as I went! But now that I’m eight chapters in, I figured that I should just go ahead and finish it. So by Halloween of 2016, the story shall be finished!

That’s all for now… if you’re interested in some sci-fi, zombie-filled Mackinac writing then check out that tab at the top, and you can also look forward to Chapter 9 which I’ll post sometime tomorrow.

And again, Happy New Year!

~ Heather