Mackinac in January

It’s one month into 2016, and there has been plenty to look at around here! The weather has been on the weird side, though… we had freezing rain for several days and that caused all the tree branches to freeze. I didn’t think much of it as I took the following photos during the day, but it’s definitely more of an eerie feeling when walking around at night. With how quiet it is at night, all I could hear was the crackling of frozen branches, wondering if a branch would fall on me while walking! Thankfully, that never happened. These next few photos were taken during the day, on my way to work: 


The tree was still up one or two weeks ago when I took this pic. Little did I know that it would be taken down a couple days later… glad I was downtown to see it one last time!

Last year I took up cross country skiing and had a blast, but it didn’t last very long… in fact, it lasted one day, and the very next day the snow melted and never came back! This year, however, I’ve started earlier in the winter, and with the help of my friends and sister, I’ve been getting better at skiing.   

There is a trail mapped out with lanterns that will be lit three times this winter. This past Saturday was the second time it happened, and a bunch of us went out to take our “stroll” on the lantern-lit cross-country trail. It was fun, and at the end of the night, we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate by a fire and also had a chance to watch some of the island kids ice skating at the skating rink nearby.

Arch Rock

A pic from a recent ski outing with my sister. She took this photo of me while skiing through the forest. It was a great day to be outside!


Sugar Loaf

Earlier on Saturday, I caught the first boat off the island to do a little maintenance on my car… on the way back home, I stood outside to take a pic or two of the ice floating in the water. Looks like we won’t be getting an ice bridge any time soon, but there does seem to be some ice forming around the lakeshore.


Although we’re only one month into 2016, I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. Here’s looking forward to a beautiful February, and of course, a great rest of the year.