Last Ice

The higher temperatures and rain have all but eliminated the ice and snow here in Mackinac Island, but I still have several pictures from just days ago that I wanted to post! I took some pictures after work on Friday that were down by the boardwalk. Lots of ice had built up along the shoreline, and I couldn’t resist taking a walk around it, and… well… on it. Don’t worry, I didn’t jump out onto any floating icebergs, but I’m going to miss seeing the beautiful blue ice.


Since then, we’ve had a dramatic decrease in snow, and although I’m missing it, I do enjoy walking to work on the nice flat surface that is the sidewalk!


The Grand Hotel on Saturday ~ there’s still a fair amount of snow on the road
I think this is from Monday ~ bare sidewalk, partially bare street
From the schoolyard on Tuesday … slush/ice
Still in the schoolyard, looking towards Little Stone Church

Now that the snow is disappearing, I’m looking forward to smelling fresh spring air, hearing more crashing waves and going on longer hikes later in the day. Let me end this post with one last wintery scene of Mackinac Island, 2016:
~ Heather