Mackinac in April ~ part 2

Hi everyone,

Not much has been going on lately, except for my parents moving back to Mackinac Island, so I’ve been spending my free time helping them move back into the house while moving myself out of my winter home. As you may or may not know, housing on the island is very hard to come by, and I find it very fortunate that I’m able to stay with my parents in the summer while also working for them… my sister stays with us, too, while she runs her coffee shop on Market St. Anyway, it’s been very nice to see the folks every day, as well as the family cat, and until we get the cable back on in their house they’ve been enjoying several movie marathons involving John Wayne, Joan Crawford, and Mr. Bean… not all in the same movie, of course.

Since I haven’t had much time to wander the island and shoot photos, I thought I’d share a few more from last week. Below you’ll see some pictures from the stairs leading up to West Bluff, and one zoomed in picture of the Round Island Lighthouse:

More fun pictures from Arnoldline’s slow boat:

And my first attempt at a moon photo. This one I took with my Fujifilm Finepix S1:

I recently purchased two cameras for the purpose of taking higher quality photos at May’s Candy Shop this summer, but since finding some great deals on ebay this month, I purchased the cameras earlier than expected! So I’ve been playing around with them quite a bit. I mentioned one up above, a great camera for outdoor shots and video, and the second one is a Samsung NX3300, which is awesome for all the other stuff, plus, selfies! So far, both cameras have been great for close up photography, with the Samsung having more success with a focused main subject and blurred background, and the Fujifilm having the ability for super macro photography.

The reason I’m sharing all of this information with you is that you’ll most likely see some higher quality photos on my blog, which I’m very excited about! And also because of that, there is the possibility that I will be changing my blog theme – my content and current information will basically all stay the same, but the look will just be different. There are some new themes out there that have a clean look that I really like, plus new features that allow your photographs to extend past the text width that really show off your photographs ~ so there’s a good chance you may see this blog with a slightly different style in the very near future!

Here are a few more shots from the boardwalk, i.e. my daily commuting route to work:

Let me now leave you with this one  pic below from inside my parents’ house. I get to stay in my brother’s old room, and on the vanity is an art project that he completed in college of the Grand Hotel made entirely out of mirrors! If I moved it somewhere else I’d have much more room for my makeup and whatnot, but I actually enjoy having it there…

~ Heather