Sailing part 1

Photos from the Bayview to Mackinac Race:

Last Monday, I snuck out to the park and marina to snap some shots of the boats that were arriving and that had already come in. From my house, I can hear the big boom go off every time a boat crosses the finish line (I assume it’s a gun? Now that I think about it, I have no idea!), but I didn’t realize how incredibly loud it really is when you’re actually down at Windermere Park. It would make for a good wake up alarm! Anyway, it’s really fun to see all the sails scattered about the lake:

After watching some boats sail in, I headed to the marina to see the ones that had already arrived. I was happily surprised to see so many boats in the marina knowing that a huge storm had just gone through the area that night:

As I made my way back into town, I stopped by the hardware store and found that there were even more boats near the fudge shop. Score! I took one more shot, with the Mackinac Island flag off to the side:

As I finish posting this, the boats from the Chicago to Mackinac race are making their way to Mackinac Island, and I’m sure many have already arrived! Part 2 will of course be featuring the Chicago boats and I’m looking forward to seeing a marina filled with a group new boats for another spectacular sight.

~ Heather