Mackinac in August

Wow, August has really flown by! Where did the time go… I guess time goes faster when you have countdowns going on. For me, I had two: The first was for the fudge festival which started August 19 and went through the weekend, and the second is yet to finish, which is my countdown until the first day back to school. That day happens to be September 6 for all of us teachers on Mackinac Island. I would share pictures of my art room/office but it’s not quite all organized yet! Maybe I’ll wait until the countdown is over…! Anyway, here are some pics from around town.

The town has been pretty alive for most of August. I was really missing all of the sailboats one day, so I hung out at the marina on my lunch break and checked out the yachts that were there instead:


What’s more interesting this summer than in past summers is that the night life on Mackinac Island has seemed to be much more active. And I’m not talking about bar hoppers or club goers, I mean families and tourists just enjoying the warm weather and being outdoors! On this particular day we had some cloud coverage going on and I tried playing around with my camera settings to bring that out:


Another unusual happening is the presence of bees in our fudge shop! We first noticed them lingering in the window displays, thinking that they got lost and are just trying to get outside again. Boy were we wrong! They spotted our seafoam puffs and have been somehow sucking out the sugar? Or syrup? I’m not sure what sweetness they like in there, but they like them! The bees will even let us get up close and personal with them as they must be some peaceful kind of bee, plus, we only have 1-2 bees at a time so it’s not chaotic. They’re in our window daily and we’ve just stopped trying to replace the puffs that are in there because I always enter the store in the morning to puffs filled with little holes! Here’s a little bee feasting on a strawberry puff:


Just a few more photos from around the island:

Down on the beach
A not-so-quiet nighttime on Mackinac Island ~ I especially like the purple lights at the Lilac Tree Hotel!
Checking out the cruise ship while visiting the hardware store
Horses leaving the island… it’s too soon! (Photo courtesy of Patrick Conlon)


I also had the pleasure of finally visiting Sushi Grand this August. This is a terrific restaurant that has some amazing food to both look at and eat! I shared everything you see below with a friend, and still had just enough left to fill me up for lunch the next day:


And speaking of food…


The fudge festival this year was a blast! Even with a downpouring of rain that Saturday, we still had a dedicated group of people come to the store to look for the golden ticket in one of our fudge boxes. The family below were very excited to find the ticket, especially since they bought the last ten boxes to do so!mackinac-island-blog-8

And on Sunday we had some fun fudge games at Windermere Park. The first event was a slow bike race, where, you guessed it, the slowest biker wins. Last year’s winner won it again this year, and also included in this year was a tandem bike division. Here you can see the father/son duo winning… in last place! The last event was the sugar sack relay race, where kids and adults ran around with loads of sugar bags. mackinac-island-blog-9



Stay sweet, everyone!