It’s a great time of year to enjoy the clear water…

I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying a lot more time down by the lake lately. With the tourist season coming up, and school in its final few weeks, my stress level can get higher than normal… I find that taking my exercise outdoors helps out my stress levels even more, plus… great pictures!

On the way towards Devil’s Kitchen are the stairs that lead up to West Bluff. There are two flights that go up from the road before then taking you on a small trail that leads to the rest of the stairs…

But normally I stay on the road and either bike or run out past Devil’s Kitchen. On the way back in, I like to take a quick stop just to breathe in the fresh water right outside my house.

The weather has been incredibly sunny lately, and on this particular day, I took a few pictures up at Anne’s Tablet:

And a shot of a passing freight boat by Windermere Point:

My last picture was taken just this weekend, when I had the chance to visit the island beaver’s little home near Mission Point! I didn’t get a chance to see them, but, it’s a pretty cool structure up close!

Until next time… enjoy the weather!