Autumn Reflections

There are some views that feel new, no matter how many times you see it.

After a long hiatus from blogging, I’ve returned with a renewed mindset and more balanced work/personal life, which has left me much more time for hiking, biking, and of course, photography. And I may be an adult with a candy shop, but seeing the leaves change color on Mackinac Island makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop in a very different way. Is it me, or are the colors this fall more vibrant than the last? Could I say that about every fall season past? In any case, I’m truly grateful to witness it.

The island has reached another off season, with businesses working right away to get winter construction projects up and running downtown and all over the island in various locations. My own business is nicely cleaned up, with a few pumpkin decorations waiting to come down, and the windows patiently waiting as well for Christmas decorations to go up. However, businesses around me are starting their painting projects and interior redesigns now, as to get a jump start on the work. In the off season, when businesses shut down and building projects start up, the island can sometimes seem more awake than sleeping.

I myself have had a successful summer not only at May’s Candy Shop, but in my personal life as well, in the form of a new living space up the hill. I grew up as a downtown kid, living near Market Street and getting used to the hustle and bustle that tourism brings in the summer. Now that I’m two miles away from downtown, it’s become my favorite part of the day… biking uphill on roads tucked into the forest, the sounds of nature overwhelming the sounds of tourism the further I go… and the mere fact that I’m closer to many more trails than before is a great resource to my love of photography.

Until next time,